Secrets Of The ASL Mind Presentation

On 28 April 2016, I had the privilege of giving a presentation at Gallaudet University on ASLcentric art. Here is the presentation in full. Summary is forthcoming.

What happens when the Deaf View Image Art tradition shifts toward a new, ASLcentric aesthetic? In this special presentation, ASL Deaf artist Adrean Clark will take the Gallaudet community on a journey inside the ASL mind. What riches will we find there? Clark will show glimpses of an entirely new field of cultural expression and power.

Adrean Clark is a recipient of the 2016 Anderson Center Deaf Artists Residency. She will be working on a visual manuscript about the ASLcentric arts movement during her stay. Adrean is also the author of eight books and past co-owner of The Tactile Mind Press and Clerc Scar.

Special Thanks: Tracey Salaway, Max Kazemzadeh, Jennifer Furlano, Jesse Conrad, Iris Gomes (My apologies for missing your name at the end!)

NOTE: My camera didn’t work too well in the low lighting, so I tried to get as much as possible under the conditions. Perhaps in the near future I will be able to touch on this topic again with better lighting and less nervous mouthing. ;)

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