De’VIA Kitchen

De'VIA Kitchen

Deaf artist Nancy Rourke invited all the Deaf artists on the De’VIA (Deaf View Image Art) Central Facebook page to join in on a theme — De’VIA Kitchen. This is my contribution to the theme. An answer key to the image is available at the original Facebook post.


Deaf people love chatting in the kitchen, because it’s usually the room with the best light. This room is famous for late night chats and plenty of stories traded amongst friends.


A chef holds two pans: one bubbling blue water with the ASL word “make (create)” within, and the other a flaming red/orange pattern with the ASL word “inspire.” The pans combine in the center, making a small purple-patterned combination. The chef has a crisp white shirt, on which falls the shadows of Deaf people chatting in a kitchen. The shoulders of the shirt also double as focused light streaming into the kitchen scene.

8 by 11-inch and 11 by 17-inch prints of this artwork are available directly from Adrean, or order custom sizes from Society6 and Redbubble.

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