An ASL Heart

An ASL Heart Artwork by Adrean Clark

Rosemaling is a technique that originated in the lowlands of Norway. It is a colorful way to paint flowers and geometric scrolling patterns on furniture and utensils. During World War II the Norwegian king, Haakon VII, was exiled. Artisans discovered that they could hide a combination of “H” and “7” in their work to show support for the king right under German noses.

In a world where sign language is the majority language, rosemaling evolved as a technique that combined flowers with the flowing script of Norwegian. Immigrants brought the technique to Minnesota, where modern artists continue with the tradition. In this artwork, three words are combined for a hidden message. Deep shades of blue with yellow highlights frame this circular plate.

The answer key to this artwork is in the Facebook post comments. It is also featured in the Secrets Of The ASL Mind video.

8 by 11-inch and 11 by 17-inch prints of this artwork are available. Contact Adrean to order.

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